At Calitech Solutions we know that not all business applications are adapted for all markets and customer segments, this is why we offer a range of highly customisable pre-built CRM and ERP solutions for your business. In addition, we offer custom built software that suits the specific needs of your organisation, our experience tells us that if the process exist within your organisation, then chances are that we can build it.

The core features of Microsoft Dynamics 365



A successful business today can analyse data promptly, continually respond to customer and employee requirements, and predict with confidence the challenges of a constantly changing market. Enabling insight to predict rather than react is a key challenge for ambitious organisations in every industry embarking on digital transformation.


That's where Dynamics 365  comes in. It brings together the best of Microsoft technology with tailored business solutions, so organisations can improve existing flows, identify and pursue new business opportunities, and stay ahead of competition in the Era of intelligence. Simplicity is at the heart of Dynamics 365. It unifies traditional CRM and ERP capabilities through a set of integrated business applications relating to key operational and functional activities of a business. You can start with just the application you need or can afford; get instant and valuable insights, improve processes and delight your customers.


In addition, since Dynamics 365 is a highly scalable solution, you can add more functionalities, apps and users as your business grows and at a rate that suits your budget. We use our expertise to expedite digital transformation, and develop and deliver differentiating solutions in many sectors.



As mobile apps takes an ever-greater role in customers’ lives, the need for companies to understand its true advantages grows.  Our mobile solutions would help you to better engage your customers, provide a better customer experience and improve collaboration within your organisation and on the road while providing you with useful metric and data for decision making.


Chose Field Service for to stay connected with your mobile workforce with smart scheduling, inbuilt inventory management,  real time communication with base, location sharing, live maps and more. Or PowerApps for everything from meeting room bookings, HR mobile interface to e-commerce app. 



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Today many organisations are sitting on veritable gold mine of data spread across the orgnisation on various supports including databases, Excel spreadsheets, on paper and email servers. Navigating the complexities of aggregating that data and extracting intelligence, sometimes across multiple geographies could be time consuming but also expensive.


At Calitech Solutions, we help you extract value from your data and realise results through business technology solutions and managed services that combine insight, innovation and expertise focused on Power BI and SQL Server. Power BI  is a cloud-based business analytics service that gives you a single view of your most critical business data throughout your organisation. Connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and automate reporting at a click.



Calitech Solutions is a Microsoft Partners that provides unparalleled levels of support to our customers. Our Managed Service Philosophy is first and most importantly 'client centric'. 

Project Recovery

Sometimes project go wrong or your project might be lacking in competencies in certain areas. Let us help to get you on the right track.

Our Consultancy Services can help you realise your business and IT strategies that would set you a part from the competition.

You may need to meet a particular deadline or meet a budget cycle. Whatever the reason may be fast track your digital transformation effort with us.