Easily create the business apps you need with Microsoft PowerApps


PowerApps provides developers and non-technical users with a rapid application development environment to build custom apps or to extend or customise already used apps. Users can draw on a suite of apps, services, connectors and a data platform to create apps from selectable templates or can start from a blank canvas.

Empowering innovation


Put the power to make effective business transformations in the hands of your people with PowerApps. Inspire them to make the changes they would like to see.

Low-risk exploration


PowerApps offers the perfect opportunity for your business to trial potential enterprise-wide developments in an extremely low risk way.

Microsoft expertise


As a Microsoft Partner, we’re ready to take the apps you create with PowerApps and scale them up into a solution you can roll out across your business.

Adopt and go with PowerApps


We understand that, as experts in your business, you frequently come across situations where it would be helpful to say “I’ll develop an app for that”, without the need for a large scale digital transformation project. PowerApps is easy to adopt and is designed to give you the ability to create your own apps to benefit your business, as and when they’re required. 

A simple proof of concept with PowerApps


We recognise that you need to prove the value of any proposed changes to your business processes before you make any significant investment or move forward to a full, potentially disruptive, roll out. PowerApps is a low risk way to run a proof of concept trial in a contained area of your business before offering the successful app to the wider business.

User creation delivers strong user adoption


You’ll know that the success of any business transformation depends on the degree of end-user adoption you achieve. PowerApps gets straight to the heart of this because it enables end-users themselves to plan, create and own the apps they need, significantly boosting user adoption. PowerApps is specifically designed to be simple and straightforward to use, meaning there’s no need for expert technology support.

Universal PowerApps expertise



You can work with any member of the Hitachi Solutions team to get started with PowerApps because all our consultants, no matter what their speciality, have an in depth knowledge of Microsoft PowerApps. As your trusted advisor, we embrace every opportunity to use PowerApps to prove technology and its applications as a step to larger scale digital transformation projects.

Building skills within your business


Our PowerApps approach is designed to empower the people within your business to build their skills to the point they can confidently use PowerApps without support. We’ll work alongside you, transferring knowledge to your teams, making you the experts. Microsoft has created PowerApps specifically for this way of working: it’s easy to use, requires little coding and doesn’t need an enterprise connection team because of its ability to self-connect.

A powerful, built-in data platform


When you use PowerApps, you’re using the same platform that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is built on so, once you’ve used PowerApps to solve an immediate need, we can easily help you grow it into an enterprise solution. It’s a natural evolution to build awareness of what technology can do using PowerApps within your business, and then step up to a business wide development.

Providing inspiration, building awareness


We design our PowerApps engagements to inspire your people to get the maximum out of the technology available to them. We build awareness of the capabilities open to your business, demonstrate the value of PowerApps and take your teams to the point where they are confident to build their own apps. Our regular hackathon events generate excitement about the possibilities of PowerApps and build knowledge around them.

Connect to your existing technology with PowerApps


PowerApps is based on and connects into Microsoft technologies your whole business will be familiar with, centred round the interface everyone uses. The opportunities are unlimited: create apps that connect with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365, or customise SharePoint Online — we’ll help you explore the possibilities.

A stepping stone to enterprise-level developments


With PowerApps, you turn the traditional rip and replace model on its head, starting with a proof of concept with your app that you can then evolve into an enterprise-level development. Once your people have embraced the potential of transforming your systems, we’ll deliver your app’s benefits and more into your business within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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