Our digital modern workplace — your route to a digital future

Mobility and digitisation are transforming the world of work and collaborative, agile working methods are becoming ever more important. New IT applications such as cloud computing, mobile technologies, file-sharing tools and messaging services are helping not only to improve processes and boost productivity but are also a deciding factor in Employer Branding.

Stay future-proof

Behind every modern workplace is a goal — to enable employees to work as productively as possible, thereby creating more space for creativity. The ideas that a company has are decisive to its success and its future, and a culture in which creativity can flourish is essential for modern working.

Integrate knowledge and promote collaboration


By implementing a SharePoint-based intranet, we support global businesses with the challenge of fostering collaboration across departments, locations and devices. With the cloud, you have your documents and content whenever you need them, with just a few clicks. Complemented by options enabling exchange of knowledge, document management and a high usability, your employees will have little difficulty accepting your new integrated portal, ensuring that it’s a resounding success.

‘Work is not a place’


For us, the modern workplace is the answer to a series of trends including digitisation, the cloud, big data, mobility, changing working models and the desire amongst employees to be able to collaborate and share knowledge. We’ll show you how to get one step ahead in what is a rapidly changing environment.

The highest level of internal communication


Good internal communication is an indispensable component of economic success. The dramatic increase in affinity for social networks necessitates a modern form of business communication that promotes both interaction and dynamic transfer of knowledge. The goal of our social intranet solution is to enhance your communication flows, helping you to save time and improve efficiency.

Efficient integration of external users


Use a top-class extranet to complement your intranet! Whether customer, agent, supplier or dealer portal, the extranet is used by only a defined group of external users. Our solutions allow you to exchange large amounts of data and information across company boundaries efficiently and securely.


Intelligent safety


Security at every level. Businesses require secure solutions that offer added value to customers, partners and stakeholders both in the cloud and locally, helping them to face the challenges of the new world of work head on. Your data, identities and devices are safe — without productivity losses.

A perfect fit for your look and feel


We work with you to define your requirements and criteria and implement solutions that dovetail with your individual ideas, ensuring that everything fits your own look and feel. We provide support throughout, from the strategy through to conception, design, realisation and development and beyond into the quality and test phases, plus support in constructing your digital world of work.

We inspire your employees


We guide the transformation process in your business with a range of communicative measures. You can take advantage of our comprehensive knowledge of SharePoint project management and our unique range of best practices, plus inspire you employees with training programmes, integration and communicative project support for your new tool. Let us guide you.

Agile structures for flexibility


We scale your software licences, storage space and computing power to meet your precise requirements, saving you money for hardware and software, maintenance work and updates, and allowing you to work with the utmost flexibility thanks to agile structures.

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