Deliver consistently excellent client experiences across every channel

Modern shoppers have the power to be in many places at once. In store, online, mobile, marketplaces and social media. Today’s digital consumers can pick and choose how they browse, compare prices, find recommendations and how they purchase. And they demand consistently excellent service throughout. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail helps organisations live up to these expectations.


As a cloud-based solution that integrates point of sale, ecommerce and back office functions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail’s intelligence-led approach helps retailers create and manage seamless, personalised omni-channel shopping experiences.


Let customers shop how they want, where they want with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail

Omni-channel integration allows retailers to deliver complete flexibility to their customers. Whether buying online or in-store, Dynamics 365 for Retail makes it simple to apply pricing and promotions across the board, and get up-to-the-minute information about product availability direct to the customer. Whether you want to offer click-and-collect, in-store home delivery or other ordering and fulfilment options, Dynamics 365 for Retail delivers convenience and choice, helping to increase sales, satisfaction and loyalty.

Make service a point of difference 

In increasingly crowded and competitive retail markets, vendors are relying on quality of service to stand out. Dynamics 365 for Retail helps to create shopping experiences that customers want to revisit again and again, not to mention recommend to others. Simple access to centralised product, customer, inventory and order data helps sales and service staff respond to queries quickly and effectively, personalising their assistance. Knowledgeable people armed with up-to-date information can make all the difference driving loyalty in store, in call centres and online.

Drive sales with intelligence-led merchandising

The more you can tailor your product selections to what your customers really want, the more you’re able to raise profits. Dynamics 365 for Retail uses powerful analytics to generate in-depth analysis of which products are most popular, where and who buys it. By centrally tracking sales by product, category, assortment, channel and price, retailers can always make fully-informed buying and merchandising decisions, offering the right products at the right prices, where they are most likely to sell. The same applies with promotions, making sure every offer and discount is carefully targeted for maximum impact.

Cut costs and improve efficiency

Dynamics 365 for Retail helps to optimise a range of operations, from store management to stock control, to save time and increase profitability. Automated workflows and PowerBI dashboards streamline day-to-day operations such as staff scheduling, sales tracking, cashing up and stock taking. Intelligent, integrated inventory management means you can keep tabs on stock levels across locations and proactively make adjustments to ensure availability, both in store and online. Replenishment decisions are based on real-time data, taking into account seasonal and local sales patterns across all channels. Smart Supply Chain tools help to guarantee purchasing the right product from the right vendor at the right price, while streamlined order picking and location selection help to minimise fulfilment costs.

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