Software that's built to your specific needs

Sometimes you may have punctual needs for industry or vertical specific software. This need may arise from business growth, high compliance risk, increasing complexities of procedures or simply the need to service your customer better. Whatever process you may have identified Calitech Solutions can build it. Our solutions are built on the Dynamics 365 platform that integrate instantly with other Dynamics 365 applications and seamlessly with other non Dynamics 365 software.

Software that's built to your specific needs


The determination to do more with your data is often frustrated. Working out how to extract meaningful data from complex legacy management information systems can be challenging. You may find you don’t know who owns the data, let alone have agreement on how they want to measure performance. Our data analytics services can help you overcome these difficulties. 

Our Software Development Process


Your Strategy

What are the key areas that needs to be addressed by the project? First, we'll consider the core business processes that are likely to generate a competitive edge.  

Functional Areas

What are the key areas that needs to be addressed by the project? First, we'll consider the core business processes that are likely to generate a competitive edge.  

Existing and New Data

What data are you looking to import in your Dynamics instance? Where is it currently stored? Who own the data? What new Data would I need to capture?.  



How are you going to manage the way data is held, displayed and reported upon? This could include details of companies, people, opportunities, leads and so on. 


Are there documents, emails or files you'd like to include in your Dynamics 365 system? If so, are there permissions that need to be associated with them? 

New Behaviours

Will you need to introduce new policies, business rules, processes off the back of your Dynamics 365 application? What training would be required? Which skills particular skills will be required?


What are your current and future reporting needs? How often will reports need to be produced? How would you like to these reports? 


How would the flow of data be affected between functional areas as a result of this project? Is integration with other systems necessary? How is this system improve the way data is exchanged? 

Leveraging Microsoft Power BI


Our consultants take a full inventory of what data you currently hold and where it resides. Pulling data together from potentially hundreds of sources, we deliver dashboards that bring your data alive and empower your business to make better decisions, reduce costs and improve services. All delivered through familiar technology including Microsoft Power BI. 

Analytics solutions that deliver


Real-time stream processing tools are making data readily available whilst Microsoft Azure Machine learning and Data Science languages such as R & Python are defining the future of predictive analytics. We can show you how to get the most out of these opportunities and derive real benefit from Cloud-based analytics. 

Expertise underpinning results


Our data analytics services consultants combine first-hand experience of your sector with deep Microsoft expertise to create solutions that improve processes, cut costs, reduce risk and drive business change. You’ll receive robust operational reporting and actionable business intelligence based on predictive analytics. 

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