Get a head start with accelerated implementation

Accelerated implementation delivers all the benefits of a comprehensive solution without the time and costs involved in starting from scratch. Instead, we’ve used our years of industry experience and our deep knowledge of the Microsoft portfolio to do the groundwork for you. Our accelerated implementation approach and tools mean you can deploy new solutions quickly and realise the benefits much sooner. 


The key to fast, fit-for-purpose systems

We understand that your business faces a conundrum: how do you implement systems rapidly and unlock the benefits as soon as possible while making sure you achieve a high-quality outcome? There’s a significant danger that rushing the process will lead to a loss of quality and an end result that’s not fit for purpose. Our accelerated implementation approach and specialist ‘accelerator’ tools draw on our expertise and experience to deliver rapid, effective results. 

An accelerated process for business transformation


For companies who want to undertake their business transformation as quickly as possible and keep the costs down, accelerated implementation of a standard, out-of-the-box solution with few customisations is ideal. Rather than starting from a blank page, we preconfigure the software, pre-document it and pre-prepare training materials to get your solution live sooner. 

The ideal tools for accelerated implementation


As part of your business transformation, many companies rely on our Accelerators, tools we’ve specifically designed for accelerated implementation. Your business may have identified distinct areas of change it wants to make, where it’s looking to minimise the amount of manual work involved by incorporating as much automation as possible. Our Accelerators are perfect for speeding up these tasks, efficiently and reliably. 

Reliable, repeatable and rapid change


We deliver accelerated implementation using our pre-built, tried-and-tested methodology that produces a high-quality, known outcome at low risk. Our approach and tools enable us to reduce the life-cycle of the project so you can go live more quickly and start accessing the benefits of your solution as soon as possible. 

A framework for accelerated implementation


Our Consensus Framework determines your comprehensive roadmap to accelerated change by embedding our best practice knowledge into every step. It’s a proven methodology, making it simpler to deliver on time and on budget. Essentials is our fastest approach within the framework, centred on preconfigured solutions with rapid deployment into your business. 

Accelerated implementation supported by Microsoft


We leverage our expertise as a Microsoft Partner to engineer our accelerated implementation methodology within Microsoft Lifecycle Services (LCS). Within our portal we set out all the phases, activities, roles and deliverables of the project, then draw on predefined templates, customisations and shared assets to complete your solution, before transferring it to your business. 

A complete accelerated implementation service


Our Accelerator tools make sure your business reaches its project objectives as rapidly as possible by enabling a new flexible approach to technology. 

Accelerating the build of your solution


Our Microsoft and industry experts created our DevOps Accelerator to improve the efficiency with which you build your solution, reducing the amount of manual effort needed. It’s made up of three unique functions: a document generator that auto creates reports; a code checker element; and deployment tools that automate your project and build activities. 

Rapid data migration


Our data migration Accelerator ensures your data migration is reliable and predictable. Comprising a staging database with extraction, transformation, validation and loading areas, the Accelerator embeds Microsoft Dynamics 365 logic and validation to save you time and effort.

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