Drive profitable business decisions with data analytics services

Struggling to understand the meaning of the masses of data in your business? Our data analytics services give you the opportunity to harness the power of the data your business already generates. We’ll support you to make the move from simple, often inaccurate reporting to really benefiting from the mass of data you have through advanced analytics. As a result, you’ll be able to make better, data driven decisions to your commercial advantage. 

Data analytics services to tackle all challenges


The determination to do more with your data is often frustrated. Working out how to extract meaningful data from complex legacy management information systems can be challenging. You may find you don’t know who owns the data, let alone have agreement on how they want to measure performance. Our data analytics services can help you overcome these difficulties. 

Expertise in preparing your business for productive analytics


Generating effective business intelligence requires high-quality data inputs, yet many organisations find they’re being held back from helpful analytics by poor data quality. Alternatively, businesses can’t use data productively because they don’t have the right governance structures in place. Our data analytics services are specifically designed to help you with these challenges. 

Achieving one single view


We understand that your data sets may not be in one place and that you may currently have siloed analytics. For many businesses, this means working off spreadsheets with no single version of the truth. Our experts have developed specific ways of working to create a foundation for effective data analytics services in your business.

Understanding your business


Our data analytics consultants always start by putting the technology to one side and focussing on understanding your business and what your data landscape looks like. Only then do we use the our expertise and experience alongside technology such as Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics 365 — to drive better day-to-day decisions as well as wider business change. 

Choose your way of working


We understand that you require flexibility for the future and design our data analytics services to grow with you. You may want to start with a pilot project, and build from there. Or you could opt for our consultancy service combined with an agile developmental approach, where we deliver solutions at regular intervals so you can start benefiting straightaway. 

Microsoft expertise that drives results


We focus the analytics on business issues to provide tangible outcomes. As a close partner of Microsoft, we’re ideally placed to extract the maximum benefit from your Microsoft technologies by using accurate business intelligence to drive business action. 

Leveraging Microsoft Power BI


Our consultants take a full inventory of what data you currently hold and where it resides. Pulling data together from potentially hundreds of sources, we deliver dashboards that bring your data alive and empower your business to make better decisions, reduce costs and improve services. All delivered through familiar technology including Microsoft Power BI. 

Analytics solutions that deliver


Real-time stream processing tools are making data readily available whilst Microsoft Azure Machine learning and Data Science languages such as R & Python are defining the future of predictive analytics. We can show you how to get the most out of these opportunities and derive real benefit from Cloud-based analytics. 

Expertise underpinning results


Our data analytics services consultants combine first-hand experience of your sector with deep Microsoft expertise to create solutions that improve processes, cut costs, reduce risk and drive business change. You’ll receive robust operational reporting and actionable business intelligence based on predictive analytics. 

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