envision new vision models inspired by digital

Digital and AI technologies increase your risk of disruption, but the opportunities for your organisation to lead in the digital economy are immense. The challenge is identifying where these threats and opportunities exist, and how you need to transform to thrive in the interconnected digital ecosystems of the future.

Calitech Solutions advisory consulting practitioners bring you insights and emerging trends from across industries, as well as the expertise of our innovation ecosystem, which includes Microsoft and MIT’s Centre for Information Systems Research. We help you evaluate threats from current and new competitors and envision new business models to sustain the growth of your organisation.

Our approach brings innovation and technology expertise

Deep digital innovation and technology expertise contextualised by industry insights are essential for your organisation to lead in the digital economy. Building the digital competencies of your people and bringing them along on your transformation journey is also key to your future success.
Our services can help guide you on that journey as you reimagine your business for the future.
• Envisioning and Digital Ecosystem Readiness: Uncover new digital business models and offerings through moderated stakeholder collaboration.
• Innovation and New Technologies: Get a jump-start on new trends and benefit from technologies like AI, automation and blockchain.
• Innovation Portfolio Optimisation: Accelerate your digital transformation by optimising innovation investments.
• Competitive Analysis and Strategy: Mitigate the risk of disruption by evaluating threats from current and emerging competitors.