When we select which software is best for our clients’ organisational requirements we consider a whole range of factors, including:

  • Business ambitions of our clients: are they aiming for organic growth in a single geography or looking to grow acquisitively, meaning they have to be mindful of cross border tax regimes
  • Scale and size of the organisation, as the functional roles impact license types and selection
  • Cash flow: will it be an outright license purchase or a license subscription that they’re after.
  • How much of the supply chain they will be looking to manage
  • Are they sensitive about Cloud deployment, should we consider on-premise or on the Edge deployments.
  • User adoption, we aim to select the most appropriate modern interface to fast-track system usage
  • The prospects existing infrastructure and application landscape
  • Functionality to future proof their business
  • Cost effective deployment to get through project phase rapidly so that they start realising the business benefit.


Once we have advised clients on the software which will best meet their needs we embark on defining the process of the implementation.


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